Why Use a Travel Agent to Book a Disney Vacation?

You may be thinking it’s easy nowadays to book a trip to Disney, I can call their phone number or just book online through their website, why would I book through a travel agent? Well I have compiled a list that may just make your trip a little bit more magical!

1. One on one service. When you book a vacation through me I become your main contact for your vacation. No need to call Disney and talk to different agents every time you have a question. Call me, text me, or email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible with the answer to your question. I will know everything I possibly can about your vacation, who is going, how long, what your likes and dislikes are, what you want to accomplish from your vacation etc. I can make suggestions based on our meetings or phone conversations and I will do my best to make your vacation a memorable one. Leave the long hold times when calling Disney to me.

2. Knowledge. I can admit I can go overboard with the whole Disney thing. Disney is very important to me. I’m always learning about Disney. I read message boards, blogs, trip reports about Disney everyday. I research what people are saying and how people are touring the parks so that I know what is happening at Disney. I know the different seasons in Disney and can recommend the times to visit based on your personal vacation needs and wants. I have personally visited Disney World and Disneyland many, many times and when I can’t be there like I said I’m still keeping up with what is happening. I have traveled to Disney as a kid, teenager, newlywed, with babies, kids who are entering the tweens and teens, and adults only trips. Each trip was different and focused on different things which makes it easier to understand and anticipate what your family might enjoy doing, where you might like to eat, and what rides are hit or miss.

3. Price. I book Disney vacations through Disney. The price that you see online is the price that I can book for you also. I am not a discounter. What I can do is monitor Disney and see if they have any discounts available that apply to your vacation. I monitor all of the deals that Disney has from free dining, to 30% off rooms, and any other discounts they may have throughout the year and I can have Disney apply those to your vacation if it applies. Sometimes this may mean switching to a different room or hotel where the deal applies, but I am always looking to save you money or upgrade your vacation with no extra charge. Disclaimer: Disney has discounts or deals throughout the year and these deals usually only apply to a certain number of rooms or vacation packages. The early bird catches the worm! (and that is my job to do for you:))

4. Assistance for you and your family before and during your vacation. Still have questions while you are at the park? Shoot me a text so I can help!

5.  I do not work for Disney.  I am an Independent Contractor for Fairytale Adventures Travel and I work for you!


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