Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade

A new afternoon parade debuted in March 2014 at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade is a fun-filled parade with beautiful floats, great music and characters.  My kids and I really enjoy taking time out of our day to enjoy this parade.  The parade route begins in Frontierland and ends on Main Street.  The last time we saw it we were able to get great seats on the curb right outside Mickey’s Meet and Greet on the Main Street circle about 20 minutes before the parade started.  This gave us a fabulous view of the floats coming straight towards us.

The parade starts off with Beauty and the Beast welcoming you to join the celebration!

beauty and the beast

On the back of the float there is a rotating platform with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen on one side and the Frozen sisters, Anna and Elsa, on the other.


Next up is the lovable Ulf from Rapunzel, followed by the Tangled Float with Rapunzel and Flynn.



It is so much fun to see Flynn swinging around the float.


Arial shows up next with her Under the Sea Dancers.  The colors on The Little Mermaid Float are so bright and fun.  It is one of my favorite floats.

Little Mermaid Dancer

Little Mermaid

Peter Pan then takes center stage along with the crocodile.  Little boys will love the pirate themed float form Neverland.


Peter Pan

Merida from the movie Brave shows up with her dancers next.  There is nothing more fun than seeing the energy that Merida exudes from her scottish themed float.

Brave dancers


The parade then focuses on Sleeping Beauty next with the fairies Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.


Next up is Prince Phillip fighting the Dragon.  The dragon is absolutely breathtaking.  My pictures definitely do not do it justice.  The Dragon definitely gives the parade steam punk feel and it a highlight of the parade.

dragon vine man

Prince Phillip


Dragon 2

Dragon handler

The parade turns happy again with the 7 Dwarves, Alice in Wonderland, and  Snow White.

7 Dwarves

Snow White

Pinocchio arrives next on a whale of a float.  The colors make the float just jump out at you.


The Parade ends with classic Disney characters that make me smile and want to get up and dance with them.



Mickey and Minnie

I just love this parade and highly encourage you to see it if you have time during your day.  The parade runs at 3 pm everyday and you can even schedule a fastpass plus for it.  The fastpass area is located in front of the castle and is worth it if you are traveling to the world during a busy time.


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