Settling In, Complete?

When do you go from finding your footing to finally settled in after a move?  I'm not sure when it exactly happened but I feel like we are there. Life in England changed in a good way.  How did it change exactly?  Well we, as a family, are busy!  The kids are in activities.  My … Continue reading Settling In, Complete?

School Time!

While we are still finding our place here with each passing day it feels more and more like our home. 2 more weeks have passed here in England and life could not be better.   If you know the familiar setting “Home is Where the Heart Is” in this family we say “Home is Where the … Continue reading School Time!

6 days to go until we take off for England!

FLASHBACK POST:  I actually wrote this before we left the states and never posted it.  So here it is: my thoughts right before we left:)  I'll be doing an update to let everyone know how it all went and where we are now. Only six days left until we take off for our adventure to … Continue reading 6 days to go until we take off for England!

Disneyland Summer 2015 Part 1- Getting Started!

My family and I headed back to Disneyland this summer to see the 60th Anniversary Celebration. The kids and I haven’t been to Disneyland in three years so we were all super excited to be back. I definitely think of Disneyland as my home park. It’s always special to be able to visit. This trip … Continue reading Disneyland Summer 2015 Part 1- Getting Started!

Journey Across the United States

Wow, I can't believe it has been almost two months since I have posted!  The last two months have been extremely busy as we prepare to head over to England for the next three years.  The month of May was filled with preparing for our movers to come and pack up all of our Household … Continue reading Journey Across the United States