Flat Water Rafting

Our next adventure took us to the Losaich River. We decided to try out Flat Water Rafting. The girls were not old enough to White Water Raft so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to try it out together as a family. We were picked up by a taxi with plenty of time … Continue reading Flat Water Rafting


Dachau Concentration Camp and Hitler’s Eagles Nest

On Sunday and Monday we decided to take the kids to two very important places.  On Sunday we headed to Dachau Concentration Camp and on Monday we went to Hitler's Eagles Nest.  Mike and I both felt it was important for the kids to get a small glimpse into the history of Germany and step … Continue reading Dachau Concentration Camp and Hitler’s Eagles Nest

Family Photo Shoot in the Alps

While we were in Germany, Mike and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary.  I never could have imagined 15 years ago that we would have the opportunity to take our kids on a vacation to Europe let alone live there.  We are very blessed to have this opportunity.  It has been amazing. On Saturday we scheduled … Continue reading Family Photo Shoot in the Alps

Neuschwanstein Castle Here We Come!

After a good nights sleep in the cabin, we were off on our first scheduled tour. We headed to Neuschwanstein Castle. Neuschwanstein castle is rumored to be the castle that Walt Disney used as inspiration for Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. The real castle is absolutely breathtaking and it is easy to see why Walt … Continue reading Neuschwanstein Castle Here We Come!

Scotland: Part 6

  Our next morning in Scotland was Christmas Eve and it started out a little bit more relaxed than the last couple of days. We lounged around the flat and took our time heading out. Our plans for the day centered on visiting the Edinburgh Christmas Market. We wanted to last late into the evening … Continue reading Scotland: Part 6

Scotland: Part 4

The morning after our adventure to Islay, we were exhausted. We packed up the hotel room and headed out to explore more of Dumbarton. We were planning on visiting a local castle but decided against it and proceeded to drive to our next location in Edinburgh. The traffic was heavy heading into Edinburgh due to … Continue reading Scotland: Part 4

Using the London Pass: Day 2

Our second day in London focused on more site-seeing!  We were definitely playing tourist on this trip to London.  We used our second day on our London Pass and headed out to explore the town! Since we stayed in an excellent location at the foot of Westminster Bridge (you can read my review of our … Continue reading Using the London Pass: Day 2

Settling In, Complete?

When do you go from finding your footing to finally settled in after a move?  I'm not sure when it exactly happened but I feel like we are there. Life in England changed in a good way.  How did it change exactly?  Well we, as a family, are busy!  The kids are in activities.  My … Continue reading Settling In, Complete?

Scotland Part 2: Stirling, Scotland

For our first full day in Scotland we decided to drive to Stirling and visit the William Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle.  It took about an hour to drive there from Dumbarton and the drive was beautiful.  There is nothing in the world like driving thru the Scottish Countryside. Upon arriving at the William Wallace … Continue reading Scotland Part 2: Stirling, Scotland

Our first trip to London

When we arrived here almost four months ago we landed at London Heathrow Airport.  It was about 5 pm when we left the airport and had to head south to the Portsmouth area.  We did not get to explore or see the sights in London.  So now that we have settled in, the first place … Continue reading Our first trip to London