Our First Beer Festival

Following our afternoon at the Ettal Monastery we had a fun treat planned.  An authentic German Festival.  The girls dressed up in their outfits we had purchased at the shop and we grabbed some pictures with the beautiful scenery.


DSC_0068We then caught a shuttle to the Parkenkirchen Festival.  The ride took about 15 minutes and cost $25 for the shuttle to and from the festival.  You can sign up for the shuttle in the Adventure Center at the Edelweiss Lodge.  Don’t delay signing up though as spots on the shuttle are limited and popular times fill up fast.

We were dropped off right in front of the huge tent.  Outside were a small amount of games that the kids could play for a small fee.  We paid our entry fee and entered the largest tent we had ever seen.  Tables close to the stage were reserved for the locals so we ended up very far back from the stage.


We found seats and were immediately greeted by a waiter to take our order.  We ordered a few plates to share and of course, two steins of beer.  I am not a beer drinker, but there is truly nothing like authentic German Beer.  It is so good.


Shortly after our food was delivered the festivities began.  The band played music and local young men participated in what looked to be log chopping contests.  The atmosphere was electrifying and I think it would be impossible to have a bad time.  After  eating and drinking till we were full we left and caught our prearranged shuttle back the the resort.


We are so happy we were able to participate in a local festival and see what they are like.  It is definitely an experience we won’t forget soon.


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