Ettal Monastery and Cheese Tasting

One of the last activities we did while visiting Germany was a trip to the Ettal Monastery and Cheese Factory.  I booked this trip last minute because it was a relatively short drive from the resort (we had had enough long bus rides) and the cheese tasting sounded amazing.

We headed off from Edelweiss in a small van with a relatively small group.  I think there was about 10 of us so we made up half of the group.   Our first stop was the courtyard of Ettal Monastary.  We learned the history  of the Monastary from our tour guide and then were allowed to explore the chapel.  It was beautiful.

The monastery is sustains itself with a brewery business and a cheese factory.  On our way to the restaurant for the cheese tasting we passed the brewery.

Once at the restaurant we had a private cheese tasting table and video that explained the cheese making process.

The cheese was delicious.  After the tasting we grabbed a couple meat and cheese plates and enjoyed the view.

On our way back to the van we stopped at the cutest shop in town where the girls picked out authentic German dresses and Mike was able to pick up some Ettal Monastary beers to bring home with him.  We also purchased a bottle of walnut liquor which we are still waiting to open now that we are home.  I can’t wait to break it open.

The tour then headed back to Edelweiss.  We stopped at a small wood carving shop and were back to the resort early in the evening.  It was a perfect short tour after many long days.

We headed back to our room to get ready for a fantastic treat that evening.


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