Flat Water Rafting


Our next adventure took us to the Losaich River. We decided to try out Flat Water Rafting. The girls were not old enough to White Water Raft so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for us to try it out together as a family.

We were picked up by a taxi with plenty of time to make it to our destination about 20 minutes away. We arrived before the other rafters and the company we were using. (We booked through Edelweiss Resort Activities).


Mike took the opportunity to teach the kids to skip rocks on the water. We relaxed and explored the area while we waited.


Once the rafting guides arrived we heard a safety speech and then put our gear on. They did have an English-speaking guide, thank goodness since our German was definitely not up to par.

The guests were split into two groups a German-speaking raft and an English-speaking raft. We then proceeded to enter the water and head down the river.

The kids had an absolute blast and if you are looking for a fun adventure for your family I wholly recommend looking into this activity. The water was calm, so we were able to practice rowing and changing course. The guides made the trip fun by giving us a local history lesson while we enjoyed the trip down the river.   They pointed out landmarks and the different behaviors of the river.

We were allowed to take a dip into the river and it was absolutely freezing. One thing I have had a hard time adjusting to is remembering that the water over here is nowhere near as warm as our waters back home in Florida. A hard lessoned learned. But jumping in and swimming was an awesome experience and I would definitely do it again.

We enjoyed a water fight with the other raft.

Overall the trip down the river was amazing. The kids fell in love and can’t wait to do again.



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