Family Photo Shoot in the Alps

While we were in Germany, Mike and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary.  I never could have imagined 15 years ago that we would have the opportunity to take our kids on a vacation to Europe let alone live there.  We are very blessed to have this opportunity.  It has been amazing.

On Saturday we scheduled a family photo shoot.  We rarely have professional family photos done.  I think the last time we did Emma was not even born yet!  Thankfully Edelweiss Resort and Lodge offers a photo shoot for families and they did an amazing job.  The pictures were also an amazing value.  If you are interested, this is the website:

Here are a couple of sample pictures:


Other than the photo shoot, Saturday was another down day for us.  We enjoyed sleeping in, enjoying the pool and hot tub, and enjoyed a great dinner at the hotel buffet.


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