Germany Here We Come!!!!

We are off again. This time we are headed to Bavaria, Germany for an amazing two-week holiday. We are staying at Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, which is a resort for Active- Duty Military serving in the Euro-Command. We were so excited that we are eligible to stay.

We flew from Southampton, England to Munich, Germany. Once in Munich we had a driver drive us to Edelweiss Resort and Lodge. The ride took less than two hours and it was totally worth the 200 Euros for the convenience. Neither Mike nor I like to drive in strange places so it was nice to be met at the plane and whisked away to our hotel. No stress involved trying to navigate new road signs or laws that comes with renting a car.   There are some places we will pay for the convenience.


We saved some money by renting a simple cabin at the resort cabin. This cabin includes a double bed, a bunk bed, and two twin beds in a loft area. Bedding is included but towels are not. There is no bathroom in the cabin but you have access to the comfort station in the campground. Included in the cabin is a microwave, small refrigerator, TV, DVD player, and satellite TV. There is also a dining room table. We love to camp but did not bring our camping equipment to Europe with us so this provides the fun of camping while saving a little bit of money. The rate is $455 for the week.

Because we decided to save on accommodations we decided to stay for two weeks and take advantage of the tours that are provided through the hotel. There are so many tours available it was difficult to pick our favorites. If you are planning on staying at the resort make sure you check out the activities prior to arrival as the tours change during the winter and summer months. We planned 6 tours and 2 activities for our stay. We also scheduled a family photography session.

Upon arrival to the lodge we received our key and took the short walk over to the campground. The campground is not located at the resort but is a short distance away. You must exit the resort portion of the base cross the road and enter through another ID checkpoint. The campground is located near the commissary and exchange. The walk takes about 10 minutes. We arrived really late on Sunday night. Be aware that food stops being served at 9 pm in the bar. We missed that and were unable to grab any hot food. Thankfully we had eaten on the plane. You are also able to grab drinks and chips at the front desk 24 hours a day in case you need a snack.

We needed to be up early in the morning for our first tour so we went to bed early!  Your trip was off to a wonderful start!



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