Scotland: Part 6


Our next morning in Scotland was Christmas Eve and it started out a little bit more relaxed than the last couple of days. We lounged around the flat and took our time heading out. Our plans for the day centered on visiting the Edinburgh Christmas Market. We wanted to last late into the evening so we had a late start. We headed out of the flat at about 11 am and once again walked down to the center of Edinburgh.

We have walked a bit out our way because even though I could see the markets I couldn’t quite navigate to them correctly. I have a horrible sense of direction. Thankfully we weren’t in any hurry and enjoyed seeing even more of the city.


Once we found the Market my girls were super excited to see the Ice Skating Rinks! Unbeknownst to them we already had an Ice Skating time booked and we were keeping it a secret. Around this time my youngest, Emma aka Crash proceeded to tell me that she hadn’t worn socks in her boots. After my initial reaction of what the heck, why would you not wear socks we proceeded to find the nearest store to purchase her some socks so that she would be able to Ice Skate. We did make her sweat it out a little bit but she survived.

We explored the markets eating and window-shopping until it was our time for the rink. At the last minute my son decided Ice Skating wasn’t his thing but he enjoyed watching Mike and the girls whirl around the rink.



We continued around the markets with a couple of other surprises up our sleeves including Story time with Santa and a Christmas Tree Maze. The Markets were beautiful and if I would have had unlimited cash I would have purchased tons of cute gifts. Unfortunately I limited myself to a few special mementos and all the mulled wine I could drink. It was a delightful way to spend the afternoon and evening.


thumb_IMG_8690_1024DSC_0468Unfortunately as the evening got colder the temperatures dropped and the rain began and we Floridians could not take the cold any longer despite our hats, gloves, scarfs, and multiple socks. We proceeded to walk back to the Royal Mile where we walked through the Virgin Light show and listened to the singers for a bit. We then hailed a cab and returned to the flat.

It was a Christmas Eve that we will never forget.


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