Scotland: Part 5

DSC_0358Our first morning in Edinburgh was beautiful. We had big plans for the day and were excited to get out of the flat and explore the city.

Our plans for the day included visiting the Royal Mile and then heading into Edinburgh Castle where we had Christmas Lunch booked.


Our flat was in Leith and we decided it was such a beautiful day that we would walk up to the Royal Mile. It was a little over 2 miles to walk down and even though it was cold we did it with no problems. Along the way we saw many monuments and beautiful buildings.

Once we arrived at the Royal Mile we headed straight to Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle is absolutely amazing. We headed into the castle and purchased the audio tour. We spent the next couple of hours exploring the castle.   The highlights were seeing the Scotland Crown Jewels and the WW2 memorial.


After roaming the castle we were all ready for a traditional Christmas lunch and it did not disappoint. Eating in the castle was definitely a highlight of our trip and one I hope the kids will never forget. The food was great and the atmosphere was amazing. If you ever find yourself in Edinburgh over the holidays do yourself a favor and book a lunch. You won’t regret it.


After finishing Christmas lunch we continued to explore the castle but it was getting really chilly in the late afternoon, so we decided to head out. On our way back down the Royal Mile we stopped in as many shops as possible to pic out some Christmas presents to send back home.


We ended up walking all the way back to the flat. On the way we stopped and picked up some groceries to eat on Christmas Day since a lot of places are closed and we wanted a day to just sit and relax.

Another great day in Scotland and we had one more jam packed day left.



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