Scotland: Part 4

The morning after our adventure to Islay, we were exhausted. We packed up the hotel room and headed out to explore more of Dumbarton. We were planning on visiting a local castle but decided against it and proceeded to drive to our next location in Edinburgh.

The traffic was heavy heading into Edinburgh due to the Christmas holiday. We found the flat we were going to call home for the next couple of days and since we were hours early we decided to head down to the wharf to grab a bite to eat and explore.

We arrived at a huge mall and found the perfect place to eat. The Burger Co. was absolutely delicious. It is a burger and milkshake style restaurant that was absolutely delicious. I think it was the best meal we had since entering the United Kingdom. It was so good!

Once we had eaten all we could we set out to explore the mall. There we found the Britannia. The Britannia was the Queens boat that the Royal family used to take all over the world.


We spent the afternoon exploring the ship and it was loads of fun and full of history.

From there we headed back to our flat to check in with the owner. We ordered takeaway and enjoyed having some space to spread out.


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