Settling In, Complete?

When do you go from finding your footing to finally settled in after a move?  I’m not sure when it exactly happened but I feel like we are there.

Life in England changed in a good way.  How did it change exactly?  Well we, as a family, are busy!  The kids are in activities.  My youngest, Emma, is taking gymnastics and learning piano.  She will also start swimming lessons soon.  My middle daughter, Madison, is taking swimming lessons, making sleepover plans, and getting ready to transition to senior school next year.  She is about to take the SATs test here for year six so she is also spending a lot of time filling in any gaps that she may have from the states in order to do well on the test.  Madison is taking this very seriously.  She is excited to show off what she knows all while being very nervous about the whole thing.  My oldest, Michael, is playing Rugby for a local club and also trying to make the school team.  He is close to finishing year 9 here and is picking classes for year 10.  Michael is loading up on history, religious education and geography (he’s a history buff like his mom and dad).  Mike (my husband) met with his teachers last week and Michael is doing well in school.  I am super happy that the transition for him has been good, thirteen is a rough age to be uprooted and asked to fit into a completely different school curriculum, but in true Michael fashion he has rocked the challenge.

It’s not just the kids either.  Mike and I are finding our way also.  Mike is playing Rugby, joined a golf club and working, of course.  I volunteer at the girls school most days and even was able to chaperone a trip to some Roman ruins (that just doesn’t happen in the states).  I am also still working for the travel agency back home.  We are getting out socially also.  Between watching Six Nations at friends houses or going out for Pub Quiz night, we are thoroughly enjoying England as a couple.

All in all life is very good.  We are so excited to see what the next two years here in England bring us and in some ways are dreading heading home at the end of this great adventure.  In the next month, we are headed back to London and hope to do some more day trips in Southern England too.  Life is good.


Did I mention that it is a lot colder here than in Miami?



Life being busy is no excuse for no blogs…so more blogs are just around the corner:)


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