School Time!

While we are still finding our place here with each passing day it feels more and more like our home. 2 more weeks have passed here in England and life could not be better.   If you know the familiar setting “Home is Where the Heart Is” in this family we say “Home is Where the Coast Guard Sends Us”.  While we are still finding our place here with each passing day it feels more and more like our home.

Home is where the CG sends

The kids started school last week and so far they are very happy in their new schools.  It is hard to compare education systems from state to state let alone from country to country, so I won’t even try.  All I want to say is that we have been incredibly lucky in most of the places that we have lived to have caring teachers who truly want the best for our kids.  I have a very good feeling that the kids will be just as lucky here as they have been in states as we have only been met with kindness and helpfulness from their new schools.

As the year goes on I will try and note any substantial differences in the school systems.  As of right now there are differences that are very different from most American schools.  One being that the schools occur almost year round.  They have a mid-term or term break every five or six weeks.  So from now until late July the kids will be in school.  I am very much looking forward to this schedule and the kids are too.  Six weeks doesn’t seem too long to have to wait to have a week off of school.  Another difference is the uniform.  The kids have been wearing a uniform in South Florida for the last two years but before that they had never worn a school uniform.  The girls being primary age wear a polo shirt and sweater much like their school in the states. While Michael wears a full dress uniform with tie and jacket.  He looks awesome and for now is excited to wear it every day.  I’ll let you know if that continues.





So all in all life is good right now.  Now that all the essential stuff has been taken care of I can’t wait to start exploring this amazing country!


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