Disneyland 2015 Part 2- Lets Head to California Adventure!


Time to wake up!!!!


We’re here!!!

I left off our huge family trip without ever entering the parks.  But never fear we do get there!  We started off our first morning by heading over to California Adventure for rope drop in order to secure a FASTPASS for Radiator Spring Racers(RSR) in Carsland.  Radiator Springs Racers is the most popular ride at California and the line builds early in the morning.  On my last trip to Disneyland RSR had only been open for a week and the lines to get FASTPASS and the ride were really long.  That trip we toughed it out in the regular line 3 times.  Our wait times were 2 1/2 hours, 2 hours, and one time we had to bail because the ride broke down.  We were all committed to riding it and that trip was significantly longer at 6 days in the parks so no one minded not getting up early to grab FASTPASS so we waited.  This trip with 16 people we were not spending over an hour in line so we were up early and at rope drop to get in line for our FASTPASS. Our FASTPASS time began at 9:45 so not too bad for arriving pretty much right at park opening!  My brother who got to the park about 45 minutes after us had passes for after 11.  So not too terrible if you can’t make it early park morning.


A picture of Nana with almost all the grandkids on the trip:)


After we grabbed FASTPASSES we headed over to Grizzly River Run to get FASTPASS for World of Color that evening.  We received the Blue section for the first show.

Then I sent the family on Soarin’ Over California for a quick ride before breakfast.  The standby line was about 10 minutes at this point.  I occupied myself taking pictures while they were riding.



Afterwards we headed over to breakfast at Flo’s Diner at 9 am.  I’d never eaten at Flo’s before and it was wonderful.  We sat overlooking RSR’s and had a great breakfast and a great view at the same time.



After a leisurely breakfast it was time for our FASTPASSES for RSR.  We filled two cars and it was a great ride.  This was the only time I got to ride this trip and next time we return I’m going to make a point to get on this ride more than once.  It is just too awesome not too.

Photo0018FourBySix Photo0024FourBySix

Afterwords, we took a family picture.  Rode Tow Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree which ended up having issues and a 15 minute wait turned into a 45 minute ordeal.  Then it was time for everyone to split up. We headed over to Tower of Terror and Monsters Inc.  While others headed to Disneyland or to RSR to use their FASTPASS.


Photo0054FourBySixPhoto0053FourBySix Photo0056FourBySix

My little family was determined to just take it slow and head around the park after this and at some point we ended up getting back together as a large group.  We rode Screaming’, Ariel’s Carousel, Toy Story Midway Mania, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, Jumpin’ Jellyfish, played games on the Boardwalk, shopped, and had lunch at Paradise Garden Grill.  Unfortunately we missed out on Golden Zephyr, Goofy’s Sky School, and The Little Mermaid-Ariel’s Undersea Adventure because they were closed.


The Brave One’s on Mickey’s Fun Wheel


IMG_6864 IMG_6862

Have to ride Toy Story Mid Way Mania!


Emma hitting the jackpot at the Boardwalk Games.  IMG_6860

Selfie standing in some line:)


Selfie on Junkyard Jamboree


Cutest kid ever:)


My Aunt being nice enough to take Emma on Jumpin’ Jellyfish!

At this point everyone started heading in their own direction again.  We went to get FASTPASSES for Grizzly River Run while others went shopping or headed to Disneyland again.  While we waited for our FASTPASS return time we headed over to Pacific Wharf for ice cream and adult beverages.  We relaxed there while the kids enjoyed their Mickey Bars and we enjoyed margaritas.

We rode Grizzly River Run and got soaked!!!


So we did exactly what Disney wants you to do headed to the store for sweatshirts!  I think we decided to tough it out though and headed to Smokejumpers Grill for dinner.  This is one of my favorite places to eat in the entire Disneyland Resort.  It’s the best burger to me in the parks.  I had the Cheddar Bacon Cheeseburger and Mike (my husband) had the Chicken sandwich.  Yum!!!


For some reason only have a picture of the girls with their power packs!  Which they love to get!


We grabbed a family picture by the Mickey and Walt Statue.

After we finished dinner  and our picture we continued shopping while we waited to get in line to use our FASTPASS for World of Color.  At about 5 minutes till whenever our FASTPASS was good for (I think it was 8 pm for the show to start at 9 pm but I’m not positive) we went to get in the already huge FASTPASS line.  I don’t personally like to get in line this early but with 16 people and kids who really wanted to see we did it.  Unfortunately we should have been in line earlier.  I wanted to be behind a fence so that the kids could see and we accomplished that but it wasn’t the best view.  We were kind of sideways.  But overall it was a great show.  And the trivia game that they play on your phone before hand really helped pass the time for a group that wasn’t too keen on waiting.  Be prepared with your phone if you want to play the game moves fast.   I’m glad we saw it as it was the 60th Anniversary edition that focused on Walt Disney himself.  I’m going to upload the video I took of the show in another blog post if you are interested in checking it out.


This was our World of Color View.

After the end of World of Color I did another thing I hate to do and left the park with the masses.  It had been a long day and we were ready to hit the sack.  Word to the wise:  Don’t Do It!  It is just a hassle to try and leave the parks with everyone else.  Find a bench, sit, people watch, or find a ride to ride, you’ll be glad that you did.  I wish we had headed over to the Diamond Mad T Party and enjoyed the music and had a drink, because the kids had a blast the last time we visited and unfortunately we were never at California Adventure at night again to check it out.

Here are some flashback pictures from 2012 when we did attend the Mad T Party:






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