FASTPASS at Disneyland

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Here are some tips and tricks for using FASTPASS at Disneyland. FASTPASS at Disneyland is different than the FASTPASS Plus that is used at Disney World, so if you are a first time visitor its good to be prepared.


FASTPASS is essentially reserving your place in line for a ride while you do something else (eat, shop, or ride another ride). Everyone who has a ticket to the park has the ability to use the FASTPASS system. There is no additional cost to use FASTPASS. All a person has to do is choose an attraction that has FASTPASS available, go to the FASTPASS distribution machines located by the attraction (some rides have their fastpass machines in a different location so make sure to double check your map just in case), check the return time that is posted above the machines and make sure that you are able to make it back to the attraction during the 1 hour time frame, insert your park ticket (ticket must have been used to enter the park that day) and a FASTPASS return ticket will be dispensed. Make sure that you get a FASTPASS for every member of your party that wants to ride the ride as each rider will need an individual ticket to board the ride.

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As mentioned above the FASTPASS ticket will have a 1 hour return time on it. At this time you may return to the ride, present your FASTPASS ticket at the FASTPASS return line and enter the queue. Hold on to your tickets because a second cast member will collect your tickets at a merge point further in the line and you must have your tickets in order to proceed through the line.

Note: Children under 3 who do not have a ticket to enter the park may enter the FASTPASS queue without a FASTPASS so that they may ride with their family, but   height restrictions will still apply if the ride has one.

How often can you get a FASTPASS?

FASTPASSES are given for a specific time frame. Once you have a FASTPASS with a return time there will be a time listed at the bottom of the pass when you can pick up another FASTPASS.   This time will either be as soon as the FASTPASS is eligible to be used or in two hours.

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For example, it is 9:15 am you get a FASTPASS for Splash Mountain and the return time is between 10:00 am and 11:00 am. Once 10:00 am hits you will be able to get another FASTPASS either for Splash Mountain again or another FASTPASS ride.

Now say that it is 2:00 pm and you grab a Fastpass for Indiana Jones. The return time is for 7:35 pm and 8:35 pm. In this case you would be eligible for a FASTPASS in two hours, so at 4:00 pm you could choose another FASTPASS ride and grab a FASTPASS.

Note: If you try to get a FASTPASS while holding a FASTPASS for another ride you will receive a ticket without a return time. Instead it will state “Not a Valid FASTPASS Ticket” and it will also tell you when you will be able to pull another FASTPASS.

When to Use FASTPASS

There are many different ways to utilize the FASTPASS program. Some park guests are “Super FASTPASS Users”. Super Users are experts at collecting FASTPASSES and are always holding a FASTPASS at any time during the given day. They collect a FASTPASS, move onto another ride and when there FASTPASS window opens they immediately grab another Fastpass, and then backtrack to ride the initial FASTPASS ride. The Super User will repeat this cycle throughout the day.

A moderate FASTPASS user will grab a couple of FASTPASSES throughout the day or just grab FASTPASS for those important rides they don’t want to miss. I’m personally a moderate FASTPASS user. I grab one for Radiator Springs Racers, California Screamin’, Tower of Terror, Soarin’, Indiana Jones, and Splash Mountain. But with a little planning you can ride these rides with little or no wait. I usually try to hit a couple early in the morning and then use FASTPASS at a later time for another ride.

Remember you can only use the FASTPASS on the date that you pull it and on the ride that you grab it for.

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FASTPASS for Shows

A relatively new category for FASTPASSES is FASTPASSES for shows. Throughout the day you can grab FASTPASS for World of Color in California Adventure and Fantasmic! in Disneyland and it will not effect the other FASTPASSES you are grabbing for rides, you may hold both a FASTPASS for a show and a ride at the same time.   The FASTPASS will give you a section and a time to return to enjoy the show. Fantasmic! FASTPASSES are distributed by Big Thunder Mountain Ranch and World of Color FASTPASSES are distributed by Grizzly River Run. FASTPASSES are limited to a certain number each day so they do occasionally run out, so if you would like to view either of these shows I highly recommend grabbing a FASTPASS for them while you are touring in the park.

Attractions with FASTPASS


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Haunted Mansion

Indiana Jones Adventure

Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin

Space Mountain

Splash Mountain

Star Tours

Storytelling at Royal Theatre

Fantasmic! (distributed at Big Thunder Mountain Ranch)**

California Adventure

Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome

California Screamin’

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

Goofy’s Sky School

Grizzly River Run

Radiator Springs Racers (distributed at It’s Tough to Be a Bug!)

Soarin’ Over California

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

World of Color (distributed at Grizzly River Run)**

**Show FASTPASS that can be held at the same time as a ride FASTPASS**


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